Editor’s Note

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading this issue of the MIT et Spiritus.

Two years ago, we, along with six other students, met in a living room and discussed over dinner the idea of a journal that would engage the MIT community (and beyond) by opening an avenue for reasoned dialogue about the Christian faith. Between the first four issues, 27 people have been involved in creating the journal, including students, alumni, a professor, a chaplain and local pastors. We continue to work towards our vision of enriching the lives our readers by not only considering questions of mind and hand (mens et manus), but of spirit (et spiritus) as well.

Starting as writers for the inaugural issue of this publication in spring 2016, neither of us had any expectations or ambitions of being placed in a leadership role. However, serving as co-editors-in-chief for the past three issues has been a truly rewarding experience and one of our greatest joys as university students. Over the past two and half years, we have overcome challenges, exchanged ideas with the people and communities around us, and learned (and continue to learn) valuable lessons about better engaging our readers.

Over the past semester alone, you may notice some significant changes. First, we have shifted our publication cycle to distribute at the beginning rather than the end of the semester, allowing us to spend more time discussing with readers and wrestling with topics together. Second, as we have built up a dedicated and growing layout team, our publication’s design and artwork has continued to make major advancements in cultivating the reading experience. Finally, at the conclusion of this issue, you will also notice a poem – a first for us, and an indication of our intention to broaden the journal’s offering with new forms of writing, student art, and photography.

This being our final issue as co-editors-in-chief, we look forward to the future of the journal and the extraordinary opportunity to further the journal’s mission with renewed leadership and fresh faces among our staff. Whether in the shape of blog posts, discussion events, collaborations, or things we cannot now even imagine, we eagerly anticipate the growth and evolution of the MIT et Spiritus to meet the needs of an ever-changing student body.

As we graduate and enter the next stage of our lives, we are also exceedingly excited to see what the future holds for the et Spiritus. Indeed, over the years, the life of this journal has become inextricably linked with our own.

In that sense, we thank our readers for partaking in life with us over these two years and for making this publication worth every effort. Happy reading!

Matthew and Richard


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