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Saving and managing draft documents in My Drafts

In My Drafts, you can store your documents and Libraries that aren’t ready for the rest of the people in your Workspace to see — whether it’s a personal project, or an idea you’ve only just started working on.

You can still share individual My Drafts documents with specific people, which makes it ideal for sharing an idea with a smaller group of people.

In the Mac app, you’ll see the My Drafts folder in the sidebar of the Workspace window. You can also access the folder from the sidebar in the web app. In both cases, it will appear right below the Libraries folder.

You can save a new draft document to My Drafts just as you would save any other document to a Workspace. First, select File > Save or press S in the Mac app. In the menu that appears, select Workspace, then choose the Workspace in which you want to save your document, and select My Drafts from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop documents from your desktop into the My Drafts folder in the Workspace window of the Mac app.

By default, anything you save in My Drafts is private and only you can see it, but you can share documents in My Drafts with other Workspace members and Guests through that document’s individual share settings.

How to share or delete draft documents

To share a document in My Drafts, you can invite people in that document’s individual share settings, or move it to another location in your shared Workspace. People that you invite to your My Drafts documents will see your document in their Shared with Me tab.

If you move a document out of My Drafts, everyone in your Workspace will be able to view your document and Editors will be able to open it in the Mac app.

You can delete a draft in the same way that you delete any other document. When you delete a draft it will remain in your Workspace’s Trash for 90 days. However, only you will be able to see drafts you moved into your Workspace’s Trash — they will not appear for anyone else.

Last updated on 02 Aug 2021

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