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Do your best work with a powerful macOS app packed with all the tools you need for a truly collaborative design process.

Flexible design

Landmark vector editing

Sketch started life as a revolutionary vector editing tool. Those tools for editing vectors and boolean operations are more intuitive and flexible than ever thanks to features like shorthand math operators and easy editing for multiple borders. Iterate on your work with ease at any stage of the design process.

A Canvas without limits

When your Canvas is infinite, so are the possibilities. Especially with simple resizing tools to fit any screen size. Don’t worry about blank page syndrome here though, flexible Artboards and Templates give you great foundations to stay organized and find your flow.

Variable and OpenType fonts

Make typography follow your instructions to the letter with variable fonts and RTL support, and unlock alternate characters, ligatures and more with full support for OpenType features.

Design System control

Build a Design System that works for you with Symbols, Colors and Styles. Then manage, browse and organize everything in one place with Components View. Inserting is super-fast too, thanks to searchable menus and a dedicated Insert Window.

Consistent design

Start with Artboard Templates

Don’t redesign the wheel. Turn any Artboard – and its content – into a template and reuse it across your documents. Include your Artboard Templates as part of a Library to make them available for other documents.

Set the bar with Symbols

With responsive Symbols, create a component once, reuse it anywhere, and update every instance simultaneously. Symbols can even automatically resize to fit their content with Smart Layout, keeping the spacing of the layers in your Symbols intact.

Stay in sync with Styles

Define Color Variables, Text and Layer Styles that work for you. Then use, reuse and update them across your designs. With Color Tokens you can even export, integrate and sync Color Variables to development projects.

Test fast with Prototypes

Build user journeys in no time at all with Prototyping tools built for speed. Reusable UI elements, powerful Overlays and a dedicated Prototyping UI means you can bring life to your ideas and share them with the world – quickly.

Native to macOS

Sketch feels right at home on the Mac. No compromises. With a UI that’ll feel instantly familiar if you’ve used any native macOS app, you can take full advantage of things like:

  • Dark and light user interfaces
  • Full support for Retina and non-Retina displays
  • Touch Bar support
  • Seamless drag and drop from app to app
  • Local document versioning
  • Super fast performance on Apple silicon
  • Work locally and offline, any time
  • Built-in spellcheck and RTL support
  • Customizable toolbar and shortcuts
  • Native font rendering and emoji support

Design that grows with you

Build reliable Libraries

Create Libraries of your Symbols, Text Styles, Layer Styles, and Color Variables. Share them across documents and with collaborators automatically, and push updates that keep everyone in sync as your Design System evolves.

Design together

With real-time collaboration in the Mac app, and a set of cross-platform tools for feedback, sharing and developer handoff in the browser, you can keep everyone on the same page (literally).

Take your files anywhere

With Sketch, you own everything you create. It’s up to you what happens with your documents, because our file format is completely open so third-party tools can read and modify it. You can even automate actions in your Sketch documents without plugins — without Sketch, even.

Online or offline

Sketch doesn’t force you to have an internet connection to do your design work. Create new documents, keep existing projects moving and even access Libraries at any time. Whether you’re going through a tunnel, a power surge, or a detox from the newsfeed, Sketch still works.

New & noteworthy

We’re always updating Sketch — here’s what we’ve shipped most recently.

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Peter Nowell
Roberta Galea

“Sketch has this astonishing ability to be welcoming to beginners, yet unrestrained for advanced users. As someone who trains many design teams, this makes Sketch a clear choice as the industry-standard tool for digital design.”

Peter Nowell

Creator, Font Proofer

“We use Sketch across multiple products, with multiple UI/UX designers and also graphic designers. Everything from landing pages to full-blown websites. We love how easy it is to scale graphics.”

Roberta Galea

Head of Design, Catena Media